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Blood! Blood! More blood! And bits of bone. Yes it's 'zombiesmash' with the fight / fright night to end them all.


Studios slammed some type into the ring with some knockout titles.

Chairman of GEA - His Excellency @turkialalshik

Agency @bigtimecreativeshop
CEO @mohamedsehly
CCO @rayyan_aoun

Co-Production @academyfilms
EP - Michel Abouzeid & Cynthia Chammas
Senior Producer - Maria Awika
Senior Producer KSA - Georges Rouhana
Head of Post Production- Mary Bou Akl @marydiscovers
Line Producer: Sami Abouzeid
Head of Research: Elissa Massaad

Director - @romain_chassaing
EP - @scoopcooper66
Producer - @twcartwright
PM - @rosamundoo
Dir Asst - @carolinesoussen
DOP - @nicopoulsson
Production Designer - @davidbersanetti
1st AD - @robertbutthead

Service in Bulgaria - @solentfilm

Post -
Editor - @sambouldedit @finalcutedit
Post EP - Matt Williams
Post Producer - @nadi_bpm
Shoot Supervisor - @jimradfordvfx & @reva_official
VFX Supervisor - @sol_martin_m
2D Lead - @alex.gabucci
Design -
Design lead - @hologlam
Colour - @thehux
Music & Sound - @bmmnetwork
UK PM - @imnotmeghan
UK PA - @columewart
UK PA - @hezajalloh
UK PA - @loujones96
UK Stylist - @george_buxton
UK Prosthetics - @mattsmith_fx

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